Noa Goldfaden


As a female athlete, I decided to establish my own Baseball Team to Tokyo 2020 (2021), due to the fact that baseball is one of the male-only sport. My collection is inspired by the period of the second world war where women played baseball instead of the man who went to the battlefront. Even though women were phenomenal athletes, they had strict rules in the league related to their appearance, behaviour and the most outraging rule was the lack of protection created by wearing short clothes as opposed to the male that was protected and covered. I have combined two worlds: the femininity that comes from female lingerie and the protection and strength that comes from men's baseball clothing history. I designed items that protect the female body and the female organ that at the same time are feminine and comfortable with maximum protection. I designed and created by myself the knitting and the bodysuits that are suitable for the woman's body with the proper protection while maintaining a high level of style. My collection provides sufficient evidence that it is possible to mix protection, function, and femininity all in one uniform in order to create a better platform for gender.